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Me Monday: Amelia Earhart visits the Elementary School

Amelia Earhart came to town to help the kids finish off their flight unit and while she was in town she stopped by and read a story to the students. This is a fabulous way to make history come alive for the kiddos.

I make sure when I go into the classroom I am ready to give facts and answer questions about the life I am reenacting. I had NO idea how many records Amelia Earhart made for women in the field of aviation. It was truly remarkable. ThCover arte book by Brad Meltzer highlights Amelia’s triumphs, but it does not discuss her disappearance or her death. I appreciated this when reading to the younger audiences–Brad’s book was perfect for my kindergarten and first graders!

Every car rider on Friday –the day before Spring BREAK–was greeted by Amelia Earhart. She told every girl to DREAM BIG–don’t ever let the boys tell you you can’t do something. (I think the poor principal was worried about Amelia’s enthusiasm!)

I read the story to the older grades, but then added more tidbits about Amelia’s life throughout the story. Some of  the 4th graders even got me for a full 45 minutes renacting her life. It was a great way to kick off Spring Break–Allowing history to come alive.


Me Monday: Attending my first ever basketball game: Elite Eight!

My Dad, who is a huge fan and alumni of KU, was coming to town for Easter. It just so happened to be at the same time as the NCAA tournament was being played in Louisville and who could resist NOT getting tickets to that game? Now, I’m not a huge basketball fan and the thought of attending the game would not have even entered my brain, but Prince Charming thought it would be a kind gesture for my father. (Suck up!) I found tickets ranging from $20-9200. I went with the cheapest option possible and landed nose-bleed section tickets. They truly were horrible seats, but that was rectified by moving to new seats! 🙂

 I called up my next door neighbors who love anything and everything sports and asked if they would like to go or at least their son who is my son’s bff! They said sure and let their son, Squared, come with us. J-Bird was not too willing to go even when he found out Squared was going. Prince Charming and Obe Wan decided to sit this one out. I can’t say as I blame them.

We had a good time. My Dad kept his manners in check which is always a concern of mine with his temper. He did yell out to everyone we passed when we were leaving, “Go Oklahoma!” HA. It was a good game–a few bad calls, a few bad passes, or maybe, just maybe the better team won? I had a good time and yelled a lot. J-Bird curled up in a ball and looked as if he might go to sleep despite the row of Villanova college kids down the row from us! J-Bird got a shirt and I will add it to his graduation t-shirt quilt one day.