Me Monday: (Superhero) “SUPER” Valentines Day Party!

I have two boys. We do not celebrate a holiday with pinks, reds and mushy stuff. (Oh how that will change as they get older. For now, I will enjoy the fact that girls have cooties!)

I decided my 3rd grader’s class should have a Valentine’s Day Party celebrating their heroes. It was perfect. Weeks ago I sent home a letter asking the parents to send a USED, LARGE t-shirt in a gallon ziploc baggie.

It informeIMG_20160206_185153532d the classroom parents we needed a t-shirt in which I would cut up and return to their child in the form of a cape. This was done with the help of another Mom while enjoying a few adult beverages!

After 21 capes were made, I decided to create a list of 5 Minute To Win It games. These are wonderful games for classroom parties. It allows the kiddos to play games, but still have plenty of time to eat and socialize, which is the best part of any party!

I also asked the parents to help their child create a
Valentine’s Box at their home. I only have 60 minutes for a party and this was NOT enough time to do hardly anything much less build/decorate a box. We IMG_7535made Josh’s at home.

He stuck with the Superhero theme and this was wonderful because we used this box two years ago. Love this when my world is easy.

We had 4 games. We split them into groups of 5. They had one minute at each station. It moved SUPER fast! At each station there was a winner and whoever had the most Dum-Dums at the end would no longer be a Dum-Dum, but a Super Hero!

The Minute 2 Win It Games were:

Hulk Smash — 5 Red Solo Cups, 5 ping pong balls. Put tape on the floor, so the students don’t cross the line. You need about 3 feet of room and a tiled floor. You smash the ball on the floor and try to get it to land in the cup. Have them keep track of how many times they get in the cup. Whoever makes it the most wins a Dum-Dum.IMG_20160211_131906684

Spider Man Web Toss — Painters tape & 5 bean bags. You have the children stand on a line and toss. They have a minute to get the highest score. IMG_20160211_131850089

Hawkeye Sharp Shooter — I took a PVC pipe and hung rolls of toilet paper from it. I made the mistake of being cheap and the PVC pipe was too flimsy. I would recommend spending a few extra bucks! 🙂 The nice people of Home Depot will cut the pipe to your specs, so this was fabulous. I use Charmin Toilet Paper as it is thick and super hard to tear using rubber bands. HA-HA! I tied an empty Coke can to the bottom of the toilet paper. The students were each given three rubber bands. They had to break the toilet paper. First one to do it won! (No one did it, so maybe Dollar Tree Toilet Paper would have been better!)IMG_20160211_132002498

Poison Ivy Power Breath — This one was quite hilarious. The kids were each given a clear cup and a bottle of bubbles. They had to blow bubbles into a cup and walk the line–the entire minute. If a bubble burst, their spell was broken and they had to start all over again. This was a little tricky on who the winner was, but there was a Mom monitoring and she used her Super MOM powers to determine the winner. IMG_20160211_132013379

After the games, the students with the most Dum-Dums were the Heroes and won Ring Pops to show off their skills. It was a huge success for all involved.

After the games, we enjoyed passing out Valentine’s and eating Super Hero Foods. The menu:

*PoP* Corn
Snap, Crackle, *PoP* Rice Krispy Treats
Cat Woman Claws (Bugles)
Thor’s Hammers (Pretzel Sticks and marshmallows)
Kryptonite Kool-Aid






Everyone had a good time. Even my kid who sometimes worries I may embarrass him! (I have nooooo idea why…..)IMG_7537


Big*Kid Power: I Use the Potty & Bye-Bye Binky

Big * Kid Power Books by Marie van Lieshout

Release Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Chronicle Kids

New Big * Kid Power* books by Maria van Lieshout are a wonderful way to teach children there is a time and place for them to be a baby. They teach children they do need diapers and binkys, but there comes a time when they need to give them up to become big kids! Simple message, simple pictures, hopefully BIG results.

I loved the smiles when the child achieves the obstacles which seem impossible. Any children’s book offering Onomatopoeia is worthy of purchase. I love making sound effects and these two books provide me with this opportunity. Your children can also make the sound effects helping them take ownership in their new found freedom.


In the home:

Parents struggle with these two milestones. There isn’t a simple answer and everyone gives different advice. Potty Training and giving up the binky (pacifier) is unique to every child and every situation. What works for one child doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another. These books provide the one thing all children have in common; they all want to be a big kid now. Using this Big Kid Power can help you and your child move past the baby stage and strive for them to be a big kid with big kid underwear and responsibilities!