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I wish I didn’t need to sleep! I wish I could just read and read and read. I did make a vow with myself that I have to workout for 30 minutes everyday before I am allowed to sit and read for an hour, or more…. I will let you know how well my resolve is! If only I could eat and read without gaining a pound or needing sleep; I believe this would be my utopia.


Sunday or Wednesday or maybe both: You will see a new book–anywhere from 2-6 weeks out from its release day. I will give a full review of the synopsis of the book and my honest opinion of the book. (Watch out world on that one!)

LESSON PLANS are included with every new release I write about. If you want more than just a lesson plan I will occasionally be attaching rubrics, worksheets and quizzes to go with the books. These lesson plans are great for book clubs within the classroom or individual assignments for struggling, average or excelling students. These lesson plans will also aid the homeschool parent who doesn’t have time to read every book on the market and have lesson plans ready to go! These can be found through the links and are for purchase.

Monday: Me Mondays! This is where I get to chat a little bit about me  and my life as a teacher, mom, wife and a bookstore employee. I want to share about my life and hear a little bit about yours as well! I’m always up for a good book recommendation, so please pass yours along.

Tuesday: YouTube Tuesdays are one of my favorites! This is where I showcase a book trailer produced by the publisher of the new release. I only find the video and give it back to you my reader. It is fun to watch a short video to discern whether the purchase is worth it or not. There is only so much money to spend on books, well, you could always stop paying your electric bill….

Thursday: Teen Thursdays are when I give the book release over to a kid. Yep, that is right. I have a team of four kiddos who love to read and are willing to give an honest opinion. Who better to review the books than the kids who read them? I’m brilliant.


Friday: Flashback Fridays are days when I write a review and the release date has already past. It is a shame to not let older books have another chance, so now is their opportunity!

Haha this was my whole summer. Sitting out side reading...:




Weekly Reviews of YA, Children's and every once in awhile Adult Literature WITH a bonus lesson plan to help you teach kids!